2Ks Innovations was created by two brothers who are cancer survivors.

We had different leukemias and went through chemo which changes the chemistry of the body. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is a protective layer which when exposed to UV Rays can burn or blister and can be the start of skin damage and skin cancer like Melanoma.

Many people don't realize how the skin can be damaged and either dry out and wrinkle or change the durability and resistance to the sun's damaging UV Rays resulting in many different issues including skin cancer.

We wanted to help those who ride motorcycles, ATV or cruise around in your convertibles protect their skin from bigger problems.

We discovered that the fabrics that are used to create this barrier in UV Protective Clothing are made of high tech performance materials that breath and have the ability to wick moisture away from your body and gives you a cooling effect. Since we both are avid motorsports enthusiasts, we wanted to share our products with everyone who rides and help them protect their skin from damage. And keep cool and dry.

Enjoy our products and keep checking back to see what new products we have to offer.